Friday, 20 July 2007

Welcome to the Sunset template demonstration blog!

This template features:
  • 3 column layout, with cross-column section above sidebars (suitable for AdSense, blog description, label cloud, etc).
  • Label cloud configured with blog colours
  • Image filters to blur edges of all uploaded images

All images and a help file are included in the download file. This is in Zip format for ease of download. You can open zip files with Winzip or Winrar.

You can download the Sunset template here:

Download Sunset Template

You are welcome to modify this template however you like. Please leave the author credits present in the template file. A link back to Blogger Buster is always appreciated!

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Pocket Digger said...


Eric S. said...

I love this one. I may just have to switch again.

eddie said...

i already used your sunset templates. its really cool. But i got a problem.

it's ok when i view it with mozilla but when i open my blog with internet explore all my picture become round & blur.

how to fix this ?

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